Transformers: Hasbro Masterpiece Soundwave

Photo Mar 26, 1 48 21 PM

This is undoubtedly must-have for any Transformers G1 fans. Just look at the amount of accessaries for this guy: Megatron (gun mode), Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy (5 cassettes in total), his blaster and Energon cubes. Soundwave is Megatron’s loyal follower, ranked #2 in Decepticons. It was him who carried Megatron’s body to Astrotrain in the movie. He is the Communication Officer, but his duties are more than that: from collecting Energons to destroying Autobots. His voice in the cartoon is on par with Darth Vader in my opinion: “Soundwave superior, Constructicons inferior.” It is sad to me that Michael Bay turned him into a weird satellite in the Bay movie 😦